Show love by giving to the Central Kentucky Cares Fund

You’re doing your part. You’ve been staying at home, washing
your hands and social distancing. You’ve been doing what you can to flatten the

And while you help by staying Healthy At Home, you still
feel there’s more you can do to help. Wondering how you can help your neighbors
facing challenges during this COVID-19 crisis. The Central Kentucky Cares Fund is
your answer.  

In response to the ongoing crisis and to aid our community,
we are activating our disaster relief fund, Central Kentucky Cares. The
fund provides an opportunity for the community to come together to help those
directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. CKCF launched with $5,000 in the fund
along with initial gifts from other donors.

Anyone can give to support the Central Kentucky Cares Fund.
The fund gives you a one-stop place to make a difference in this challenging
time by supporting our neighbors who need it through our local nonprofit
organizations, who are already set up to lend assistance. All donations made to
this fund will be used to respond to the impact of this outbreak on our

The CARES Act, which was signed into lay March 27, includes
a charitable tax break for filers who claim the standard deduction. It allows
individuals to contribute up to $300 to nonprofit organizations. For those who
itemize, the CARES Act also increases their donor deduction option. During this
peak of COVID-19, itemizers can give as much as you want to charities without
exceeding the deductible percentage cap. For companies that give, the current
10-percent limitation is increased to 25 percent of taxable income.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, gifts to the Central
Kentucky Cares Fund at Central Kentucky Community Foundation qualify for the
tax deductions passed in the CARES Act.

The COVID-19 crisis is like none we have ever faced before.
In a time of uncertainty and concern, our nonprofit community is a face of hope
and comfort to the people they serve as well as the many volunteers and staff
who help the work carry on. By giving, you can help them serve our community.

As we strive to keep our families safe, we still want to
provide help to our neighbors in need. Giving to the Central Kentucky Cares
Fund is a way we can show our love for others and this community. #TeamKentucky