Consider a gift of 5% in your estate plans and your community will benefit forever.

You have an opportunity to invest in a place like no other. The place you call home. The place your heart calls home. A place that is meaningful and permanent. Our community.

The best communities are more than excellent places to live, work and raise a family; they give a feeling of caring, togetherness, and commitment that’s hard to describe. The best communities are built through the generosity of people.

Just as the opportunities and experiences granted to each of us by our community are personal, the legacy we give to support our community can reflect our experiences. CKCF is here to help carry out your personal legacy for our community.

Give5 and Your Community will forever benefit from Your Legacy.

5 Steps to Create Your Legacy

  1. What do you want your gift to support?
  2. Meet with CKCF to explore how to put this into action.
  3. Share your plans with your family.
  4. Engage Professional Advisors to create or update your will and other relevant documents to Give5 and leave your legacy.
  5. Finalize your plans with CKCF and feel good about your investment in our community.

Why it Matters

In the next 10 years, nearly $4 billion in wealth and assets in our region will transfer to the next generation. If everyone designated just 5% of their estate to an endowment fund at CKCF, we could raise $430 million for our community. By contributing 5%, our annual grant making capabilities would grow by $20 million each year, funneling $200 million into our community in just four years.

This could mean:

  • Every student in our region could have scholarship support for college or career training.
  • Increased support for nonprofit organizations and churches to carry out their missions locally. 
  • Expanded arts and cultural experiences.
  • Community development support for rural areas and cities. 
  • More people would have better access to health care. 
  • Children and families would have more access to early childhood education opportunities.