Consider a gift of 5% in your estate plans and your community will benefit forever.


You have an opportunity to invest in a place like no other. The place you call home. The place your heart calls home. A place that is meaningful and permanent. Our community.

The best communities are more than excellent places to live, work and raise a family; they give a feeling of caring, togetherness, and commitment that’s hard to describe. The best communities are built through the generosity of people.

Just as the opportunities and experiences granted to each of us by our community are personal, the legacy we give to support our community can reflect our experiences. CKCF is here to help carryout your personal legacy for our community.

Give Five and Your Community will forever benefit from Your legacy.

5 Steps to Create Your Legacy

  1. What do you want your gift to support?
  2. Meet with CKCF to explore how to put this into action.
  3. Share your plans with your family.
  4. Engage Professional Advisors to create or update your will and other relevant
    documents to Give Five and leave your legacy.
  5. Finalize your plans with CKCF and feel good about your investment in our community.

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Message from the President/CEO

“Explore all possibilities, create extraordinary relationships, and make every conversation count.”
– Marcia Wieder


Davette Swiney

The most frequent question I hear is, “What is a community foundation?” And there are so many answers to that question. Obviously, we are a financial resource for the community. We work with donors to customize their charitable giving through the variety of funds and services we offer.

Online Donations

We work with donors to establish funds to achieve their philanthropic dreams.

If you would like to give now to one of our existing funds, you can do so through PayPal by following the link below.

Please specify the fund or initiative you would like to support in the special instructions field after entering your payment information.