Types of Funds

We offer several types of funds to meet various needs and giving strategies. Donors can give to existing funds that support organizations or community efforts. We can also personalize any of the funds listed below to fulfill specific philanthropic objectives. Offering an assortment of funds gives you various ways to accomplish giving. Each of our funds was established because someone in our community cared about that organization or cause and said, “I can make a difference.” If there are areas of our community you care about and would like to support, contact us. Creating a fund opens the door for others to support more areas of charitable work in our community.

Each fund type can be established as an endowed or pass-through fund. Endowment funds create forever support, while a pass-through (non-endowed) fund provides support today. We also offer flexible tools such as hybrid funds that can help donors give support today and forever. 

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund is designed to grow and provide ongoing, permanent support for the future. An endowment preserves the principal and makes a portion of the annual investment earnings available each year for the charitable purpose of the fund. For many organizations and charitable causes, endowment support means the difference between “just getting by” and bringing a mission to life for generations to come. It is an opportunity for a gift to make a difference in our community forever. 

The CKCF Unrestricted Fund, Making a Difference Every Day (MADE Fund) allows your gift to be used as needed to address current community opportunities and needs. The endowed fund grows over time to give relevant support in the community.

Field of Interest Funds offer permanent funding for areas of community life such as education or health.

Donor Advised Funds give donors the opportunity to recommend grants to eligible charitable recipients, giving ongoing flexibility.

Designated Funds provide ongoing funding for a specific nonprofit organization or purpose.

Agency Funds are established by a nonprofit organization for their perpetual benefit.

Scholarship Funds provide support for individuals who are pursuing training or educational opportunities to fulfill their life dreams.

Geographic Funds are a collection of assets designated to benefit a specific community or geographic service area that operates under the guidance of, or in accordance with, an agreement with CKCF.