Get Ready!

Central Kentucky Community Foundation brings together key stakeholders around a comprehensive and intentionally designed program to deliver quality learning experiences at a crucial time in children’s development. This collaboration among professionals, parents and community leaders is revolutionizing early childhood learning opportunities in our community.

What Is Get Ready! Camp?

  • FREE summer program for children from birth to age 5
  • Family awareness of how children learn through play
  • Open to everyone
  • No registration required

Get Ready! Camp is designed with 3 outcomes in mind:

  1. Provide a unique learning opportunity for children
  2. Help parents discover how they can easily begin learning with their children
  3. Increase community awareness of the importance of early childhood learning

2024 Get Ready! Camp Dates
June 5th – June 28th

Anytime from 9-11am
Panther Academy in Elizabethtown
North Park Elementary in Radcliff

Anytime from 11:30am – 1:30pm
Heartland Elementary in Elizabethtown
North Park Elementary in Radcliff

    More than 2,043 children and 1,185 adults attended in Get Ready! Camp in 2023.

    Get Ready! Camp empowers a parent that their job isn’t just parenting; they’re the first educator for their children. The program really wants to put the parent in that position to realize how capable and how much of a difference that you can make in your child.”

    – Emily Hyde, Get Ready! Camp mom

    Why Get Ready! Camp?

    We must invest in exceptional early learning opportunities for every child if we are going to improve our educational outcomes as a state and country. But this isn’t just about measures and outcomes.

    Parents deserve access to these opportunities to discover how to help their children learn; children deserve this investment when it can most affect their future.

    The future of our communities depends upon this investment. Our communities are making a difference by coming together and addressing specific issues locally. And thus, Get Ready! offers all parents who have these desires for their children the opportunity to join their children in discovering the exciting world of learning and of believing in themselves.