A Donor’s Story

A concerned call from an attorney: “I have a client that doesn’t know where to turn. Can you help her?”

When we met, her burden was obvious and heavy. After recently losing her husband, she had decisions to make, business to handle, and things she wanted to do. Most importantly, she wanted to honor the memory of her husband. And through all of this, she was grieving.

We listened. We learned what she wanted to accomplish. We understood why this mattered to her. We perceived what was important to her husband.

We worked with her to establish a fund that best reflected the life of her husband and what was important to him. She shared what a good and giving person he was, and how this fund will share his memory in the community forever.

How many people will benefit from this generous gift? Her memorial to her husband will be measured by its impact on all of us. Direct beneficiaries and the community as a whole will benefit from the opportunities created by this fund.

When she walked out of our office, the biggest beneficiary was actually the donor. She accomplished her mission, and that burden was lifted from her. She went from not knowing where to turn for help, to CKCF where we customized a fund just for her. All of the details and execution of this fund will be managed for her forever. We were also able to help her receive additional tax savings for her gift.

We never know exactly what someone needs until we listen to their story to find out how we can assist them as they give back to their community. There is a place for everyone at CKCF, and we work with each donor to help lift their burden as they make a forever gift.

For more information or to schedule a visit, call CKCF at 270-737-8393.