Addressing our community’s needs together

The CKCF Board recently activated our disaster relief fund
in light of the effect COVID-19 is having in our region. What does that mean?
We know people in our community face challenges they never expected and need
help getting through. And unfortunately, it’s a large number of people. At the
same time, we also have many generous people who haven’t been as financially
impacted and are looking for ways to help.

Central Kentucky Cares is the answer. People can give to the
fund and through our grants process, money will be distributed to the
organizations working directly with people who are affected. It’s simple for
people to give. You don’t have to research and find out what organizations are
still operating and who is doing what. Our grants process takes care of all of
that and you can rest assured the money gets directed effectively and

We know this isn’t a time everyone can give. This is a way
for those who can, to help make a difference for others in our community.

And now, there’s even more reason to give to the fund.
United Way of Central Kentucky has partnered with us to merge their disaster
relief fund with the Central Kentucky Cares Fund to better serve our community.
Through the partnership, we can better serve our community by looking
collectively at the needs and aligning our joint resources in response to those
unmet needs.

When we first announced the fund, I received an email from a
prospective donor asking some questions and they closed with this statement,
which gave me such joy. “We had been struggling figuring out exactly where to
send donations, and this could be an answer!”

After making their gift, they included this message. “Thank
you for spearheading this initiative.  I love the idea of a ‘quick grants’
process.  Please pass my thanks along to the Grant Committee as well.”

If you have similar feelings and are looking for ways to
help your neighbor, Central Kentucky Cares could be your answer.

If you are interested in learning more about the Central
Kentucky Cares Fund, click here.