Stories To Inspire

At Central Kentucky Community Foundation, we like to tell stories. We like it so much, we have a wall in our new Home of Philanthropy titled “Our Story.” Usually, the stories we tell are other people’s: How they make a difference in our community, their ideas, and how we work with them to carry out their philanthropy.

It’s not just that we like to tell stories, we’ve found people love to hear them. The stories give ideas, inspiration and help people understand more about what CKCF does and what philanthropy really means.

These stories can help explain the different services we offer, charitable work, giving strategies and opportunities right here in our community. We’ve mostly shared these one-on-one or in small group settings when a particular story was relevant. A couple years ago, at our CKCF Board meetings we started having a mission moment, where we have people come in and share their story in person with our board members. It could be a grant we funded, a scholarship recipient or a community initiative we were part of bringing to life.

It seems a shame some of these stories don’t see a broader audience so, we’ve decided to occasionally share some of them here with you. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we love sharing them. Feel free to let us know what you like, what resonates with you and how you would like to connect with community philanthropy.

Davette B. Swiney
CKCF President and CEO

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