Play the Day Away

Today the phone rang. A lot. People came through the door. All the time. And the emails kept coming. So many good things and good ideas. But I could not keep up. It is 3:45 and I have not even touched my list of tasks that are supposed to be done today.

As I started to succumb to my frustration, I heard the jingle of chimes out my window. So, I had to peak outside. Between our office – the Home of Philanthropy – and the Hardin County Public Library is the PNC Music Garden. It is a neat little area for children to play outside and make music. Playing at the music garden were three young children and their grandmother, enjoying the sunshine on this unusually warm January day. Their music and laughs brought a smile to my face and helped temper my quickly souring mood.

We all need that occasionally. Something to turn around the mood, shake up the day. I wandered outside to talk with the grandmother and discovered she was at the Music Garden for that very reason. The kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed and the day just continued to go downhill. She finally decided to shake things up and bring the children to the Music Garden. As she and I talked over their giggles and musical demonstrations, her tactic had obviously worked.

I often think CKCF’s work in the community is a bit like that. We help make a difference, turn around bad day or situation, create a new opportunity. Our donors don’t always see their dollars directly in action or its immediate impact, but that affect in people’s lives often comes in unexpected ways. I know the Music Garden is all about learning and those valuable sensory experiences for young children. But beyond that, it made a big difference in the frustration and tone of the day in that family. Crisis averted and relationships deepened!

Davette B. Swiney
CKCF President and CEO

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