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We work with impact-minded people in Central Kentucky to carry out their philanthropic wishes to improve the lives of people in our community. With a personalized approach and local expertise, we can help you improve what matters most to you. 

Learn more about how the CKCF’s Make a Difference Everyday (M.A.D.E) Fund helps our region.

The Community Hall reservation calendar is now available online.

Home of Philanthropy


“We think it is important for there to be a place, here in our community, a place that is identified as THE place to go if you have questions about giving, and thus our name – Home of Philanthropy.”
– Jeff Richardson, CKCF Board Chair

The CKCF Board invested $1 million toward our $2.3 million goal. You can be part of this exciting project to ensure the future of our community is bright. Will you join us as we complete our capital campaign for our community’s new home – the Home of Philanthropy?

Community Initiatives

Collaboration and strong partnerships are the cornerstones of community initiatives. CKCF supports innovative and engaging programs to enhance the lives of people in our region. 


A scholarship fund at Central Kentucky Community Foundation connects your ideas with our expertise in scholarship administration to provide the support students need for a brighter future. By investing in local students, you elevate the economic standing of families in our community and make an impact for generations to come. Our scholarship program began in 1964. Thanks to the generosity of donors, students in our region have received millions of dollars in scholarships to pursue higher education.

You Are Our Story

Every day we work with people in our community to fulfill their philanthropic wishes and forever carry out their legacy. Their stories were shaped by the opportunities and experiences granted to them, and their giving legacy reflects those experiences. Because their giving is personal, we take a personal approach to fulfilling their goals. Your story becomes part of our story.