Home of Philanthropy

CKCF’s Home of Philanthropy

Home evokes feelings of happiness, comfort and belonging. The English Oxford Living Dictionaries defines home as “A place where something flourishes.”

Flourishing is precisely what CKCF’s new building, the Home of Philanthropy will exemplify. A home where caring people come together to grow ideas and thoughts around creating a better tomorrow for our region. It’s where collaboration and shared ideas come together to spark new projects and programs to enhance the lives of others. It’s where those thoughts and dreams will flourish and take root.

Once complete it will create a dedicated space to foster synergy and strengthen relationships. The collaboration that will take place in this home will prompt new ideas for addressing what matters most to the people we serve. It’s a trusted place for nonprofits, businesses and organizations to convene and collaborate while offering a permanent home to accommodate the growing work of CKCF.

“Since 1960, we have remained committed to our ideals and values, to serve the philanthropic needs of our region, this new home will be a welcoming place for ideas that enhance our community. It strengthens our ability to grow philanthropy in our communities, providing additional capacity for charitable programs, services and events.”

-Jeff Richardson, CKCF Board Chairman

The new location is being built on land owned by the foundation for nearly 60 years. With the proximity to partners, like the Early College and Career Center, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and Hardin County Public Library; an enduring symbol of the generosity of philanthropy, this was a natural choice for the Home of Philanthropy.

It is often said, home is where the heart is. The Home of Philanthropy is where our heart will reside and flourish. The heart of those making a difference. The heart of those determined to bring comfort and happiness to others. The heart of those who are changing lives.

CKCF’s Home of Philanthropy Address:
Jim Owen Drive

The grand opening is expected for the summer of 2019.