A Decade of Enhancing the Community

The end of the year seems to trigger all the Top Lists of the year. This year is even more significant with the turning of the decade. It’s hard to see some of these lists without thinking about how the decade has changed for the foundation, and I use the word foundation intentionally. For in January 2010, we were still North Central Education Foundation.  There hasn’t been a decade bring more change to the foundation since the 1960s brought our founding.

The 2010s brought:

  • Incorporation of the Hardin County Educational Foundation.
  • Incorporation of the Heartland Community Foundation and transition to Central Kentucky Community Foundation.
  • Authorization to offer the Endow Ky Tax Credit.
  • National Standards Certification by the Council on Foundations.
  • Retirement of Al Rider, first President of NCEF and CKCF.
  • Increased staff and phenomenal asset growth.
  • Move from our office on Dixie Avenue to our new Home of Philanthropy at 200 Jim Owen Drive.
  • The addition of great new directors on our board and at the same time the loss of some great board members who guided our organization through the many decisions that led to the decade of changes and growth.

On a personal note, this decade also brought me to the foundation. I had the privilege of starting my work on January 31, 2010. I only missed one month of working the entire decade here. So, I cite these changes during the decade from personal experience.

This decade also brought the addition of my second child and in some ways, she has grown up with and in the foundation. At times it gets hard to separate her from my work in the community. In some ways that is fitting as she keeps me connected and focused on the future of the community we serve.

Whatever change this past decade has brought for you, we are glad you connected with us. We hope this new decade brings even more opportunities for us to work together so the 2020s is another decade of enhancing our community. Happy New Year!

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Central Kentucky Community Foundation has a long history of serving this community through 52 years as North Central Education Foundation.

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