Since the birth of our great nation, one of its distinguishing characteristics has been the generosity of its people. It is the kindness, compassion and thoughtful consideration shown to others during their time of need that sets us apart; that help our communities flourish and our citizens prosper. It is people banding together for doing good things for others that makes everyone feel better.

Community is being connected to one another. It is a feeling of togetherness. From this togetherness comes a desire to improve the material, social and spiritual welfare of humanity. In a word: Philanthropy.

For 100 years community foundations have been charged by the communities they serve to be the leader in philanthropy.

What is a Community Foundation?

Central Kentucky Community Foundation is the philanthropic focal point in the region. We serve as a resource, leader and catalyst to donors who wish to improve life in their community.

A community foundation is created by and for the people in a local area. It enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about today, tomorrow and through their estate. Donors can support the causes and community organizations they care about through a variety of funds.

Central Kentucky Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity that strives to bring the will and wealth of people together for the betterment of the community.

Message from the President/CEO

“Explore all possibilities, create extraordinary relationships, and make every conversation count.”
- Marcia Wieder


Al Rider

This is what Central Kentucky Community Foundation aspires to do, every day. We help people explore ways to give back to their community and accomplish what they alone cannot. We help people answer their deepest question: “Has my life mattered?”

A Donor’s Story

A concerned call from an attorney: “I have a client that doesn’t know where to turn. Can you help her?”

When we met, her burden was obvious and heavy. After recently losing her husband, she had decisions to make, business to handle, and things she wanted to do. Most importantly, she wanted to honor the memory of her husband. And through all of this, she was grieving.

We listened.
We learned what she wanted to accomplish.
We understood why this mattered to her.
We perceived what was important to her husband.

Online Donations

We work with donors to establish funds to achieve their philanthropic dreams.

If you would like to give now to one of our existing funds, you can do so through PayPal by following the link below.

Please specify the fund or initiative you would like to support in the special instructions field after entering your payment information.