Why Give Through Central Kentucky Community Foundation?

  • We are deeply committed to this community
  • We offer maximum tax advantages
  • We accept a wide variety of assets
  • We facilitate gifts to benefit multiple organizations and causes
  • We build endowments to benefit this community forever

Central Kentucky Community Foundation was formed in 2011, when North Central Education Foundation incorporated members of The Heartland Community Foundation into its board to expand its focus and services in the region. Central Kentucky Community Foundation works to create an awareness of significant community issues, communicate them to the community and collaborate with partners to improve quality of life.

Our community is blessed with growth and progress. With growth come challenges. Charitable giving has become more sophisticated. While it was simple at one time to give directly to your favorite causes or organizations, it has since become more complex.

As laws and regulations change frequently, CKCF serves donors as a valued and trusted partner. CKCF can satisfy donors’ many giving goals with one gift through one organization. CKCF can consolidate charitable giving to achieve diverse giving wishes.

Individualized philanthropy is at the core of CKCF. We will listen to your wishes and facilitate the most effective, meaningful way to make them happen throughout your life and forever.