Brent Wagoner Excellence in Education Scholarship

Many CKCF scholarships celebrate life – the life of someone well lived or a life cut tragically short. The Brent Wagoner Excellence in Education Scholarship is no exception.

The scholarship honors Brent’s dedication and passion in education and is meant to inspire students of East Hardin Middle School to serve their community as Brent did. 

The scholarship was established by the faculty and staff of East Hardin in memory of Brent, who served the school as a teacher, assistant principal and boys’ basketball coach. He exemplified the characteristics of an educator who truly cared about his students and often invested time outside of the school day to befriend, support and mentor students. 

“It was an honor to accept this scholarship from the Wagoner family,” said Daily Harris. “Brent was such an amazing man, and I can say he made an impact on my life as well as my classmates. His legacy will forever be carried on in my memory. I promise that with this scholarship, I will do great things and be involved in my community, just like he was. You have impacted my life forever.”

The school staff continue to raise money each year and, in conjunction with Brent’s family, have grown the endowed scholarship so it will annually award $500 to a former East Hardin student. 

To get started setting up a scholarship fund, or for additional information, please contact Davette Swiney at 270-737-8393 or by email at