2019 Celebrating Community Philanthropy

When we think of home, many images come to mind, but behind them are feelings. Home is more than a building, it’s a place where you feel safe, where you learn and explore. It’s the place you belong.

It was those feelings that inspired this year’s Celebrating Community Philanthropy’s theme – Home. It is more than a caring spirit that drives giving. It’s a desire to make your home, your community better, to make the lives of people better.

St. James Catholic School student Cameron McCullough, Dr. Tao Le, and Jennifer Moran, director of mission advancement for the school, discuss the school’s partnership with Central Kentucky Community Foundation through various funds and initiatives.

Many stories shared at Celebrating Community Philanthropy were inspired by that desire, the one that drives us to make our home better.
For Jennifer Moran of St. James Catholic School, CKCF opened many doors for funding opportunities.

“We’ve worked with CKCF on several funds over the past couple of years, not just for the school but for the parish as well,” she said, adding that some of them were established to help students and the parish forever.

One of those funds is the Tai Sy Le Memorial Fund which funds annual service projects for students at the school to execute.

“We felt with gifts in his memory, that something toward community service just felt right,” said Dr. Tao Le, Tai’s father. “We’ve been really fortunate and really appreciate the help developing a fund to support future service projects that would allow students at St. James to learn about service and how that ties into the community.”

The fund was one of five featured at the annual luncheon.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Jackson discusses the Harold and Dolly Jackson Memorial Fund for Magnolia Cemetery during Celebrating Community Philanthropy.

For Dr. Robert “Bob” Jackson and his siblings, establishing the Harold and Dolly Jackson Endowment Fund for Magnolia Cemetery was a way to honor their parents and preserve a piece of home.

“I’m fortunate to have grown up in this region. We were taught to always give back more than you take,” he said. “And this is a way to give back to our home.

“I hope it shows others a way where we need to take care of our history, our geneology, and the community’s investments,” he added.

Helping people invest in the place they call home is our mission. For that work and with the help of the community, we built the Home of Philanthropy.

“There’s a reason why the phrase ‘There’s no place like home’ resonates,” said Dustin Humphrey, who is part of the Home of Philanthropy’s Capital Campaign Committee. “It’s true on a very deep level that you have to have a place that is home. This will give our foundation a home to do our work and it’s going to serve as a great visual reminder to the community when you go by and see it.”

It was a day truly focused on home and we thank those who made it possible and work to make our home a better place for all.