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Types of Funds

Donors can choose from a diverse menu of funds offered by CKCF that can be individualized to meet the donors’ intent. Offering an assortment of funds gives you many different ways to facilitate your community and charitable interests.

What is an Endowment?

When you create a charitable fund through Central Kentucky Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to benefit your charitable interests forever with a permanent fund. An endowment is a permanent gift. Only the earnings are distributed, giving you an opportunity to benefit the community forever. Your gift is invested over time. Earnings from your fund are used to make grants supporting community initiatives that matter to you. Your gift, and all earnings from your gift — is a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work forever.

types-of-funds1The CKCF Unrestricted Fund, Making a Difference Every Day (MADE Fund) allows your gift to be used as needed to meet changing community needs. The endowed funds grow over time to give support where the greatest needs exist.

Field of Interest Funds offer permanent funding for areas of community life such as education or health.

Donor Advised Funds give donors the opportunity to recommend grants to eligible charitable recipients. Donor Advised Funds may be established as endowed or non-endowed funds.

Designated Funds provide ongoing funding for a specific nonprofit organization or purpose.

Agency Funds are established by a nonprofit organization for their perpetual benefit.

Scholarship Funds provide support for individuals who are pursuing training or educational opportunities to fulfill their life dreams.

Geographic Funds are a collection of assets designated to benefit a specific community or geographic service area that operates under the guidance of, or in accordance with an agreement with CKCF.

Our Funds


Llewellyn Charitable Remainder Trust Funds


Florence Y. Mason Fund
Joe and Lenelle Hays Community Spirit Fund
Ruby N. Deitchman Fund


Anne and Carl Swope Fund
Anne and Carl Swope Fund for Endow KY
Anonymous Fund (2)
Bob and Ella Mae Wade Fund
Bowers Family Endowment Fund for Endow KY
Chad and Amy Brown Fund for Endow KY
Col. Larry and Betty Sue French Fund
Conrad Hotopp Family Fund
Dow Corning Fund
Dr. Chris and DaneNell Knight Fund
Dr. Robert E. and Rita H. Robbins Fund
Godfrey Family Foundation Fund
Gourmands International Culinary Fund
James and Patricia Schory Fund
Larry and Shelia Witten Fund
Larry and Shelia Witten Fund for Endow KY
Nandi’s Smile Fund
Nelson and Opal Gonterman Fund
Prather Family Fund
Ray Family Fund for Endow KY
Ryan Dudgeon Fund
Swope Family Fund for Endow KY
Swope Family of Dealerships Fund
Terry and Bonnie Patterson Fund
Wade Fund for Endow KY
William and Joyce Godfrey Fund for Endow Kentucky


Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Funds
    • Campus Improvement- ECTC Fund
    • Capital Projects- ECTC Fund
    • Capogna Science Fund
    • ECTC Faculty/Staff Development Fund
    • Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Fund
    • Endowment for ECTC Faculty/Staff Excellence

Elizabethtown Educational Foundation
Hardin County Library Duff Book Fund
Hardin County Library Mitchell Book Fund
Hardin County Public Library Fund
Hardin County Schools Early College/Career Center Fund
Hardin County Schools Partnership Grants
Hardin County Schools Support Fund
Kennard and Melva Peden Trust
Kenneth and Nannette Johnston Endowment Fund*
KySTE Agency Endowment Fund
Nannette S. Johnston Impact Fund for Hardin County Schools
Samuel G. Jenkins Jr. Fund for KET
Tai Sy Le Memorial Fund


Bishop Charitable Fund
Hardin County Cares Fund
Washington Co. Association for the Mentally Handicapped Legacy Fund


Brown Pusey Fund
Holbert Family Fund
Sallie W. Pusey Fund
William A. and Sallie W. Pusey Fund


CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates Fund
CKCF Endowment Fund
Clarity Solutions Fund
Elizabethtown Heritage Council Endowment Fund
Elizabethtown Police Foundation
Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland Fund
Friends of the Hardin County Animal Shelter
Friends of the Hardin County Sheriff
Hardin County Habitat for Humanity Fund
Harold and Dolly Jackson Endowment Fund for Magnolia Cemetery
Helping Hand of Hope Fund
SpringHaven Designated Endowment Fund
United Way of Central Kentucky


Ann Young and Claude Morgan Roebuck Fund for Glendale United Methodist Church
Ernest and Wilma Rider Fund for Lucas Grove Baptist Church
First Christian Church Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Legacy of Faith Fund
First Presbyterian Legacy of Faith Fund for Endow Ky
First Presbyterian Legacy of Hope Fund
Valley Creek Baptist Church Designated Endowment Fund


Audrey Shoulders Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brent Wagoner Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund
Briana Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brice Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carol Withrow Nursing Fund
Col. Larry and Betty Sue French Scholarship Endowment Fund
Col. Michael Baymor Scholarship Fund
Dennis and Lisa Parrett Family Scholarship Fund
Doug and Lisa Cantrell ECTC Faculty Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Durnil Scholarship Fund
Dr. Jim Owen Scholarship Fund
Dr. Larry and Mary Lou Hall Scholarship Fund
Dr. Linda Mayhew STEM Scholarship Fund
Dustin Matthews Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabethtown High School Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund
Glenn D. and Bennie Lou Hammons Family Scholarship Fund
Gourmands International Culinary Scholarship Fund
Harold and Cynthia Carter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hart County Scholarship Alliance
Helen P. deGraffenried RN Fund
J.R. and Carrie Lee Edwards Scholarship Fund
James and Betty Holeman Scholarship Fund
John Dink Scholarship Fund
Lanny Skees Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lisa Hays Charness Memorial Scholarship Fund
Llewellyn Scholarship Fund
Mac Michaelis Scholarship Fund
Martha Jane Hamilton Nursing Scholarship Fund
Mike Ovesen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Hall Scholarship Fund
Owen J. Estes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rylee Marie Razon Memorial Equine Scholarship Fund
Schmidt Family Scholarship Fund
Scholarship General Fund
Trooper Ponder Memorial Scholarship Fund


Heels Together Endowment Fund
Heels Together Grant Fund
Marvin and Joyce Benjamin Fund


M.A.D.E. Fund


Lahoma Routt Fund
Youth Sports Fund of Hardin County

Funds recently added are in bold.
* Denotes a GIVE FIVE fund.

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