Benjamin Fund Fosters
Kindness, Understanding, Inclusiveness

Marvin and Joyce Benjamin, long time residents of Elizabethtown, left a lasting legacy through their philanthropic dream—the $2 million Marvin and Joyce Benjamin Fund. Their shared experiences as a Jewish-Catholic couple led them to establish a fund aimed at combating hatred, bigotry, and anti-Semitism, while promoting kindness, understanding, and inclusiveness. ​

The fund honors their vision and commitment to enriching their community through sponsoring initiatives like the “Never Again: One Holocaust Survivor’s Story” event and fostering dialogue and education.​

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Educational Resources

Does your school or community group need resources to address injustice in our community? The Benjamin Fund is here to help. 

Holocaust Education
  • HCE-TV Recording of October Event with Alice Dreifuss Goldstein
  • Murals of the Holocaust: videos with Holocaust Survivor Fred Gross and curriculum for middle and high school aged classes.
Anti-Defamation League

Free resources to help your family, schools, and community be more respectful, inclusive, and equitable. 

  • Families
  • ADL’s online bibliography of recommended children’s and young adult books about bias, bullying, diversity, and social justice
  • Educators: Anti-bias education through professional learning, educational programs, resources, and strategies to build and sustain equitable and inclusive environments.
SEEK Museum, Russellville, Kentucky

The SEEK MUSEUM tells the stories of slavery and the related struggles for freedom, equality, and justice. These stories are told in 7 historic buildings located in two National Register Districts, and educational exhibits have been installed that encourage visitors to seek knowledge, truth, and understanding of these important issues.

Educator Resources:

  • Alice Dunnigan & Civil Rights
  • From Enslavement to Emancipation at the Bibb House
  • “By Parties Unknown” – PBS Documentary and curriculum about the lynching of four black men in Russellville in 1908
Documentary: Invented Before You Were Born

“Invented Before You Were Born”

Nearly two centuries ago, decades before the Civil War, over sixty slaves were freed by the will of Major Richard Bibb in Russellville, Kentucky. They inherited land, tools, houses, and money – everything needed to establish themselves as free blacks in America. Today descendants of those freedmen are rediscovering their own history through the efforts of a single dedicated local historian. But the impact of this story goes much wider, a few white descendants of the Major are also finding lessons and meaning in this legacy.

Educator curriculum for “Invented Before You Were Born”
Intended for high school and college students.

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