A Legacy of Faith Fund

A Legacy of Faith Fund

What Does Philanthropy Look Like?

Encouraging, Inspiring and Sharing the future ministries of First Presbyterian Church

Several years ago, leadership at First Presbyterian Church had the vision to plan for the future of their ministry.

“Endowments fuel the light of God’s word, under girding the ongoing operations of a congregation, opening the way for expanded witness. The mission of First Presbyterian Church has been blessed again and again by those who have gone before us. In the same way, our gifts can help those who follow us face the future with security and hope.”
~First Presbyterian Church

Using today’s blessings and resources to ensure a continued vibrant ministry in the future.

When you want your life to make a difference FOREVER...
...you need a FOREVER partner.

Central Kentucky Community Foundation has a long history of serving this community through 52 years as North Central Education Foundation.

Today, we offer you even more options to help your dreams make a difference…FOREVER.