What if Everyone Gives 5%?

What if Everyone Gives 5%?

Imagine the difference we could make in our region if $10 million in grants were available to enhance our communities each year. In the next 10 years, nearly $4.2 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in our region. That is just our piece of the $7.7 trillion transfer of wealth that will ripple through this country over the next decade.

Even with those staggering dollar amounts, our community, like many others, struggle to find the financial resources necessary to support community and economic development. Traditional sources such as government funding are stagnant or declining, leading communities to depend more on personal wealth. With most family estates, the majority of assets go to heirs. At one time, most people lived their entire lives close to their birthplace, and when wealth passed from one generation to the next, it stayed in that same community. This is no longer always the case. Frequently now heirs have moved and call other cities, states or countries home. Once wealth leaves our community, it rarely returns. In this environment, possibly the largest underdeveloped resource is community-based philanthropy. Local philanthropy can be fueled by preserving some portion of this transfer of wealth opportunity.

We have an unprecedented opportunity through this transfer of wealth to invest in the future of our communities. At Central Kentucky Community Foundation, we help build permanent wealth to invest in our region and the nonprofit organizations that make our community the place we love to call home. By preserving just five percent of this transfer in permanently endowed funds, we could generate approximately $10 million a year for grantmaking.

Take a moment and imagine what $10 million annually could do for our communities. The increased impact of charitable organizations could expand drastically. Without permanent funds through CKCF, many programs will not have the opportunities to improve lives in our community. For example, with the help of CKCF, programs like Get Ready! Camp, a free summer program that focuses on learning for children from birth to age 5, could serve young families for years to come. Funds for historical preservation could help ensure the buildings that formed our communities and make them special today can continue. Want to leave a legacy for your church or favorite charity? A designated endowment fund can ensure that support continues forever. Endowed (permanent) funds can solidify the future and pave the way for organizational growth. Scholarships are a great investment in our local students. CKCF has been awarding scholarships in this region since 1960, and we always welcome the opportunity to work with people who want to establish a scholarship fund. These examples are just a few of many. Imagine how much we could accomplish and how many grants we could give with just five percent of the wealth transfer in our region.

Endowed funds are forever and grow over time because the principle is never spent. Investment earnings are used to make grants, supporting charitable causes and create personal legacies of giving in our region. We urge you to consider designating a portion of your estate, charitable trust, 401(k) or insurance policy to a fund to support what matters to you in your community. This will ensure that our county, your home, enjoys the forever benefit from your gift.

CKCF brings convenience and service to donors and credibility to projects. We help reach new audiences with opportunities for innovative programs and services. Grants allow us to collaborate more extensively with local schools, service agencies and nonprofits for the betterment of our community.

Now is the time to make sure we use the Transfer of Wealth as a driving power for good in central Kentucky. Gifts of all sizes will add up to significant community benefits for generations to come. Some gifts may be eligible for the Endow Kentucky state income tax credit, which offers donors up to a 20 percent credit for their contribution when they support or create an endowed fund with CKCF.

Will you invest five percent? Will you help improve our community? Think about how your five percent gift can make a forever difference. Contact CKCF today.

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