Testimonial: Owen J. Estes, Sr. Scholarship


Owen J. Estes, Sr. Scholarship

The Owen J. Estes, Sr. Scholarship honors a father’s legacy in education. Owen J. Estes, Sr., spent his life teaching students in Hart County. His career as a math teacher touched an untold number of lives forever. To honor his father’s work in education, Paul Estes, established a scholarship fund for Hart County High School graduates.

Mr. Estes attended Lindsey Wilson and Western Kentucky through 1949 and came to Hart County to teach agriculture at Cub Run High School in 1949.

In 1956 Mr. Estes came to Munfordville High School to teach science and math. Mr. Estes received a grant to attend the University of Virginia graduate school in 1959-1960 where he was awarded a master’s degree in science education. After this Mr. Estes returned to teach science at Munfordville High School in 1960 and continued there until the new Hart County High School was formed in 1969, where he taught until his retirement in 1982.

Mr. Estes passed away December 19, 1990, at the age of 65. This scholarship is endowed by the Estes Family in his memory and for his service in the community.

To get started setting up a scholarship fund, or for additional information, please contact Davette Swiney at 270-737-8393 or by email at dswiney@ckcf4people.org.