Heels Together


Heels Together: Women Stepping Up


We have the opportunity to focus on women-led solutions by providing leadership and stewardship in identifying the needs and supporting solutions.

Together, we can unite money, ideas and actions to create lasting change for women and girls, their families and our community.

We are creating a solid foundation for women-led change in the lives of women and girls and, as a result, their families and community. Heels Together is a catalyst, identifying challenges, marshaling resources and pursuing opportunities in Central Kentucky.

Heels Together is dedicated to increasing support in Central Kentucky for programs serving women and girls.

Heels Together was established within Central Kentucky Community Foundation in 2014 by a group of community minded leaders who wanted to invest in long-term solutions for transforming the lives of women and girls and improving the well-being of our entire community.

Heels Together is led by community spirited women and funded by people who value and want to be part of women-led solutions for women and girls. Each person invests $1,000 annually in Heels Together.

Half of the investments are set aside in an endowment and half of the investments are used for annual grant-making.

The endowment, a fund which preserves the initial investment and only spends the earnings, provides for the forever impact of Heels Together.

Annual grant-making puts our beliefs and desires for women and girls in our community into action today.

At the annual Heels Together banquet, investors have the opportunity to see presentations from grant finalists and vote to select the winner.

Thanks to the generous support of the following underwriters, 100% of your gift goes to Heels Together to benefit women and children in Central Kentucky – today and forever!

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Heels Together awards grant funding
to programs addressing:

  • Achievement of economic self-sufficiency for women
  • Prevention of violence and crime against women and girls
  • Promotion of health and physical well-being and talent for women and girls


Heels Together – Join Us!

CORE LEADERS (l to r): Lindsey Alicna, Julia Springsteen, Davette B. Swiney, Ann Fisher, Teri Bennett and Leigh Richardson [not pictured].

To connect more individuals and families with resources that bring health, hope, education and enrichment, Heels Together seeks to grow its endowment and grant-making abilities.

For more information, contact Davette B. Swiney, President/CEO at
(270) 737-8393.


Heels Together Grants Awarded

On October 27, Heels Together investors awarded grants to two organizations to advance the Heels Together mission in our community.

Passages was awarded $15,000 to help women recovering from substance abuse addiction transition into employment and independent living.

Hardin County Schools was funded for the program Sit With Me to, reduce the gender gaps in the computer science and tech industry by guiding and supporting our young female students.

Heels Together 2017 Grant Application

Heels Together is an initiative of Central Kentucky Community Foundation. The initiative is led by community spirited women and funded by people who value and want to be part of women-led solutions for women and girls.

Organizations interested in applying for the 2017 Heels Together Grant can download the application below.

Deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent to apply for this year’s grant: July 1, 2017.

Final Deadline for Grant Application Submission: August 1, 2017.

If you have questions please call (270) 737-8393 or e-mail info@ckcf4people.org

The Heels Together grants committee will review funding proposals and when necessary make site visits. Finalists will be selected and invited to give a presentation of their proposal at the Heels Together banquet in the fall. Following the presentations, Heels Together investors vote for the proposal they believe will have the most impact on the lives of women and girls in our community. Final awards will be made from this vote and announced that night at the banquet. Please note: No lobbying or solicitation of Heels Together investors is permitted.

Inspire Women

Inspire Women 2017 Conference

Mother Earth: How to Nurture our Bodies Inside and Out
Inspire Women 2017 Conference

Community event for women, girls, high school age and above
Breakout sessions focusing on Stress Management, Interpersonal Communication and a Food Journey.

Presenting Sponsor

Saturday, April 22, 2017 
9:00 AM to Noon

Doors open and check-in begins at 8:30
Registration is required in order to attend.

Early College and Career Center

200 University Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joy Jones

Born and raised in Kentucky, Dr. Joy Jones has over 20 years’ experience in taking communication skills to the next level. She changes lives through communication!

Register For This Event

For additional information on this event, visit and like the Heels Together Facebook page or call Central Kentucky Community Foundation at:

(270) 737-8393

Inspire Women 2017 Conference is part of Heels Together, an ongoing community initiative working through the Central Kentucky Community Foundation.

Inspire Women Media Sponsors

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