Marvin and Joyce Benjamin Fund

Kindness. Understanding. Inclusiveness.

It is because of these values that Marvin and Joyce Benjamin, who spent most of their adult lives living and working in Elizabethtown, left their estate to a philanthropic dream that was personal to them.

The Benjamins moved to Elizabethtown in the 1950s, operating Melody Music store for decades. Marvin was Jewish and Joyce, Catholic. We can only speculate on some of their experiences over those years that led to the gift of $2 million to establish the Marvin and Joyce Benjamin Fund. The purpose of the fund – to fight hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism. As we work to carry out their wishes, the Benjamin Fund strives to foster kindness, understanding and inclusiveness among the diverse people who call our community home.

Since receiving their gift, the fund has sponsored programming to carry out the Benjamins legacy – most recently, by hosting Never Again: The Murals of the Holocaust and A Night of Remembrance and Understanding.

We are fortunate the Benjamins chose to make their home here and held the future of our community in high esteem. We celebrate the fact that two people cared enough to leave such a fundamental, transformative gift to our community.

To learn more or to get involved with the work of the Benjamin Fund, please contact Davette Swiney at 270-737-8393.