Get Ready!


Get Ready! focuses on learning for children from birth to age 5 and family awareness of how children learn through play. It is FREE and open to everyone. No registration required.

Get Ready! Camp 2017

May 30th – June 23rd


Get Ready Camp Flyer 2017

Anytime from 9-11 am

Panther Academy in Elizabethtown

North Park Elementary in Radcliff

 Anytime from 11:30 am- 1:30 pm

Heartland Elementary in Elizabethtown

North Park Elementary in Radcliff

For more information call 270 737- 8393



Central Kentucky Community Foundation brought together for the first time, key stakeholders around a comprehensive and intentionally designed program to deliver quality learning experiences at a crucial time in children’s development. This collaboration among professionals, parents, childcare centers and community leaders is revolutionizing early childhood learning opportunities in our community.

Get Ready! has two essential parts: Get Ready! Camp and Get Ready! Child care. Get Ready! is designed with three outcomes in mind: provide a unique learning opportunity for children from birth to age 5, help parents discover how they can easily begin learning with their children, and increase community awareness of the importance of early childhood learning.

logo-get-ready-camp-300x137The importance of the children’s learning and developmental experiences cannot be overstated. Of even greater significance is the parental learning that will help parents continue these learning experiences for their children. Additionally, the further development of childcare teachers’ skills and resources will have significant impact on the many children they will have in their classrooms and centers for years.

More than 400 children and 300 adults participated in Get Ready! Camp in 2015, and many attended regularly. Collectively there were over 3,000 contacts made. The Get Ready! teachers also worked in 8 childcare centers serving as a resource and mentor for childcare teachers.

“This has been super entertaining and fun, and at the same time, educational, just as much for the adults as it is for the children. I hope that we can enjoy this program next year.”

– Get Ready! mother

Why Get Ready!?

We absolutely must invest in exceptional early learning opportunities for every child if we are going to improve our educational outcomes as a state and country. But this isn’t just about measures and outcomes.

get-ready-2Our parents deserve access to these opportunities to discover how to help their children learn; our children deserve this investment at the time it can most affect their future.

The future of our communities depends upon this investment. Our communities are making a difference by coming together and addressing specific issues locally. And thus, Get Ready! offers all parents who have these desires for their children the opportunities to join their children in discovering the exciting world of learning and of believing in themselves.

When you want your life to make a difference FOREVER... need a FOREVER partner.

Central Kentucky Community Foundation has a long history of serving this community through 52 years as North Central Education Foundation.

Today, we offer you even more options to help your dreams make a difference…FOREVER.