National Standards


National Standards

national-standards1In 2014, Central Kentucky Community Foundation received national recognition for meeting the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. Developed in the spirit of accountability, transparency, and continuous self-improvement, National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations are philanthropy’s most rigorous standards—evidence that community foundations seek excellence for their communities and donors.

logo-cf-standardsNational Standards for U.S. Community Foundations fundraising and charitable activities support an accreditation program for community foundations and their philanthropic goals. The standards serve as both a blueprint for internal organizational development and a tangible set of benchmarks for external demonstration of operational excellence in six key areas:

  • Mission, Structure, and Governance
  • Resource Development
  • Stewardship and Accountability
  • Grantmaking and Community Leadership
  • Donor Relations
  • Communications

As one of the youngest community foundations to ever achieve this distinction, Central Kentucky Community Foundation assures donors and community partners a high level of expertise and confidence in our work.